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Why Shrink Wrap?

Protect It - Shrink It!


Shrink Wrapping protects your valuables from debris, rain, snow, bird droppings and UV radiation. We wrap Outdoor Furniture, Greenhouses, Outdoor Kitchens, Construction/buildings, Scaffolding, Bicycles, Fountains, Vehicles and Heavy Equipment, R/V's, Campers, Air Conditioning Units, Fire Pits, Pool Furniture, and Much More...

We guarantee our work for the whole winter. We use the same shrink wrap used on boats, jet skis and aircraft for all of our wrappings.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Protect It - Shrink It!


  Why choose us?

Shrink Guardian shrink wrap is open year-round. The quality of our work and professionalism is why most clients refer us to their friends and family. Our Guarantee is unbeatable.

Why should I shrink wrap my furniture?

Between rain and snow, UV rays and debris, shrink wrapping is the ideal method to preserve your investments. Not only will you save money in the long run, but you will also be spared the headache of moving heavy items into small storage spaces.

How much does shrink wrapping cost?

Pricing varies depending on the specific dimensions of your items, therefore the most accurate way to determine your pricing will be to contact us for a free estimate!

Do you wrap underneath the item?

 Yes, we believe that a complete encapsulation of the item is best for most items, there may be items that are not encapsulated.

What kind of shrink wrap do you use?

At Shrink Guardian we only use the highest quality products. Our shrink wrap is a marine grade, minimum of 7mil, 100% virgin resin shrink wrap with guaranteed 12 month UV protection.

Why can’t I just cover my furniture with a tarp?

 Not only do tarps blow away in the wind, they allow moisture in and don’t keep pests out. Tarps that are tied down to furniture have been known to cause damage to your investment. When properly applied, shrink wrap will not move throughout its entire time in storage and completely protect your investment from the elements.

How can I prepare prior to shrink wrapping?

The owner must place their furniture in their preferred location and remove any leaves or debris surrounding the furniture prior to our arrival. We will reorganize the furniture in order to prevent any standing water or snow once the shrink wrap is applied.

Will mold or mildew form inside the wrap while it is in storage?

Shrink Guardian  believes in ensuring that each wrap is properly sealed, to avoid moisture buildup inside the bundle. When necessary, we will install ventilation to your shrink wrapped bundle at no additional charge.

Do you remove the shrink wrap?

We are happy to remove and recycle the shrink wrap after use, there is a service call charge that applies for removal. Shrink Guardian takes pride proper removal and recycling the shrink wrap safely and without causing damage.

Why should I shrink wrap my A/C units?

During these cold Chicago winters, in wall A/C units allow cold air to enter your homes through small cracks. Shrink wrapping your A/C unit will pay for itself through the savings on your next heat bill.

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